When I travel, I ususaly move none stop in order to maximize my time because I want to explore everything there is to see. It doesn’t allow much rest but it is always worth the journey. This time, I wanted to do different and just

I have been pretty much out and about everyday for the past few weeks. Running from work to meetings. I work best when I wake up in time to have my routine all set. I like to rise early and use this to set the

If you follow me on instagram, you may know that one of my favourite things to do is discovering new coffee shops in Montreal. I really enjoy tasteful breakfast and good vibes in the morning. I have selected my current favourite places I think you

I have been obsessed with the Mom Jeans from TOPSHOP lately. I think they are so versatile and I find any excuse to wear them in every possible occasion. I like mixing styles to adapt my outfit to many different functions. In this case, the

Anyone rushing through the last few days before Christmas? Maybe you are studying for your last exams, closing the year at the office or running everywhere to find the perfect gifts. For me personally, I have been running like crazy lately and I am desperately

Good morning everybody! Today is the last day of school⁄work before most of you can enjoy the lovely weekend! I wonder what are your plans for Halloween? Maybe you will watch a bunch of scary movies with friends, enjoy some time with your family doing

Over-the-knee boots are all over my instagram feed right now! Every year they come back in force and remain trendy throughout the whole chill season. What I like about them is you don't need much to get the sophisticated look you are going for, because